22 Eylül 2015 Salı

Basic Sentences About Big Passions

  Many people know my passion about travelling. Uni gave me some english homework and today i opened the file to see which topic they gave me. Andddd the topic was "Travelling". Smiled and read instructions. They wanted for me to write basic sentences about travelling. But man, we are talking about TRAVELLING! .There is no basic sentence about this! So turned up the music always inspired me and started to write sentences about my beautiful topic. I think they expected for me to write sentences like "People travel beacuse of education or work bla blaaa." And what my sentences look like?  "When i was a child, i asked my grandpa this: "What is the point of travelling, grandpa?" He smiled. "Travelling is make your imagination limitless, meeting with new stories and live an adventure which you will never forget!" or "Travelling is not going from somewhere to somewhere else; Travelling is meeting new cultures and different thoughts." What? If you gave me a topic like traffic problems or ways of being healthy, i would write basic sentences. 
  There are some topics you can never explain. They expect from you explain it with writing, but you can even explain with talking! You cant explain that feeling. Like music, like art or ehmm..travelling :) I don't know how i can tell, should i prefer to "feel the freedom" or "feeling limitless"? Or should i start with "Do you know what is passion? Can you explain the feelings about your passion? Would you prefer to tell what is passion by saying big desire about something? Isn't it very simple? Ah, sorry, i d want to say basic

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