1 Eylül 2015 Salı

Penfriend: Meeting With Real Friendship

  First time i try to write in english. My english isn't so good but i try once:) Everyday before go to bed, watch my world map on the wall. And make plans, try to guess which country i ll go first and dream a lot. My first abroad expereince was Africa(Tanzania and Zanzibar Island) and when i taste the feeling of travel, i wanted more.
  In the winter, the times I got bored of studying, i was thinking maybe i cant travel now but at least there must be way to improve my english for preparation to future travels. And english books don't enough for me.
  Those days, my mom has a penfriend from USA. She has gone to USA to see him, and they got along well. After that, i m in interested about penfriends and looked for them on internet. I found a website, wrote about myself shortly and wait the answers in a couple days. I sent some messages to people but they didn't return me. I guess this is because they were living in like Peru, Australia or Madagascar places. Or it might be their last seen was one year ago i don't know:) Anyway, after two or three days somebody sent me and guess where she from? Peru! I was so happy and we ve talked like one or two months. And suddenly the mails have done, i don't know why. Then another stranger mailed me and this time she s from Hong Kong. Belive or not, after one and a half year we are still talking and good friends. Eunice is such a speacial friend for me, because she s the first real penfriend. We supported each other for uni exams and her competions. She s so funny and like make fun of me. Espeacially the time i said my thoughts about food sticks; like "if i would try this, you ll so laugh to me" she was really laughed to me.
  Winter has passed, spring has came. One day somebody else mailed me and this time, she s from Hungary. We mailed, wrote on facebook and whatsapp. I was so suprised found a penfriend just like me. Our hobbies, the things we like or not, viewpoint to people were so similar. A couple time has passed and we started to talk our problems. Give advice each other, and feel like the bond between us tightened. I never forget that one day i look for the films on cinema, then i saw one and my first thought i have to go that film with Panna! And i realize that she is in Hungary after one minute. It was a sad moment. Also i remember that memory; in her birthday, her grandmother asked her where she wants to go she ll buy place ticket for her and she choosed to Turkey for me! That moment i reliazed we are not only penfriends, until now we are real friends.
  And the summer has came. On the july i was excited cause i ll go to Italy. And before this, one week ago another one sent me mail. When i saw where she s from, i shocked. She was a Italian. Only one week left, an Italian girl sent me message. We started to talk and she was so different too. Cause we didnt talk about our daily lifes; we talked about life, art, situations of our countries, religion and the best topic; Philosophia. Sometimes we talked about this to late times of night, and both of us enjoy this conservition. Learn each other thoughts, feelings and viewpoints. Flavia s both of funny and intellectual. Some days we sent voice records and try to teach some words of our languages. It was very fun. And we introduce our bestfriends to each other and they became good friends too.
  I am telling you only that three penfriend cause they are my real friends now. They have no difference from my turkish friends cause if you are good friends, there s no matter where you live, what language you speak or how different your cultures. They weren't only improve my english, they gave me their friendship. I hope one day i have a chance to meet them face to face. They are part of my life, and i m so happy to know them. And now, i realize that travelling is not only go from here to somewhere else. Travelling is learn different cultures, recognize with many viewpoints and meet people from different countries. I traveled to many thoughts and one more time, i realize how much i love travelling..
  P.S : Also start to talk new friend from Hong Kong; Connie. I have a feeling that i ll recognize with great penfriend now, great real friend of future.

Panna's birthday gift for me, she is so cute:)

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